The 6 Most Irritating Sounds in the Office

December 4, 2013
in Office Administration

It certainly doesn’t take much for the workday to grate on your nerves. Those little refreshing moments when you’re finally in the zone and getting things done can be shattered by a single auditory trespasser, lasting no more than a few seconds yet seeming to last forever—and we all know exactly what they are. But why simply list our most irritating office sounds when we can actually make them live and breathe? Just click the play button on the one you can’t resist in order to vividly re-create the sensory experience you’ve been trying your best to avoid!

1. Supposedly, someone who makes this noise in the next cubicle shouldn’t even be there, but there are deadlines to be met and we don’t live in a perfect world where HR’s policies can always be followed to the letter. At least this one’s generally confined to a four-month window every year.

2. The dulcet tones of a human voice don’t have to be made aggravating, but throw in a little technology of convenience and suddenly they’re fingernails on a blackboard. Perhaps some buttons should never have been invented.

3. Here’s a noise that’s only there to keep you safe, honest. Yet it’s possibly resented more than any other. The worst part is that of all the things in the world that cry out for volume control, this has none at all, and because of those pesky devils called “laws,” it never will.

4. You probably hear this one at least five times a day. The question is, are you one of the few in the office with the go-get-‘em drive to actually rise and feed the feral creature that will let nothing else happen until it gets what it wants?

5. If you’re still hearing this one, the moment has come to get up from your chair, walk down the hall and inform someone that 2004 called and said it’s okay to update that device of theirs. And while they’re at it, the vibrate button on it is probably quite functional and needs to be employed between 9:00 and 5:00, thank you very much.

6. So you’ve gone through the entire day without being subjected to a single one of the aural goblins above. That would put today squarely in the top five percent of your career! But three minutes before you leave, this sound emerges loud and clear. Sorry to ruin the end of the shift, but this one has no real solution. Just take comfort in knowing it’ll stop just as you pull up to the office tomorrow morning.

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