Words, Words, Words: March ’17

February 22, 2017
Write it right, say it right, spell it right.
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The quiet differences between ‘out loud’ and ‘aloud’

February 2, 2017
Mignon Fogarty of Grammar Girl offers some tips for instances where using one of the two may be the better option.
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Words, Words, Words: February ’17

January 25, 2017
Write it right, say it right, spell it right.
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Correctly use Until, Till and ‘Til

December 1, 2016
If you have trouble distinguishing the differences between “until,” “till” and “ ’til,” these tips from Marko Ticak at Grammarly can help get you on the right track.
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Using ‘to’ and ‘too’

October 6, 2016
“To” and “too” are homophones, which means they are pronounced the same but have different meanings—and that means they’re easily confused.
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When to use ‘between’ and ‘among’

August 30, 2016
The words between and among aren’t always interchangeable. Mignon Fogarty shared examples at QuickandDirtyTips.com to illustrate the distinction.
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Guidelines for using parentheses

August 8, 2016
Parentheses are one form of punctuation that can cause some confusion. Some people have trouble determining when to use them, while others may apply them without really knowing if parentheses are the most appropriate punctuation.
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Finding the right word

May 16, 2016
Can you choose the correct word in each sentence?
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Extrovert or extravert?

April 18, 2016
Are you an introvert? Or are you an extrovert? Or is it extravert?
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Capitalize those brand names

December 31, 2015
Here is a list of products you should capitalize in your writing because they are actually brand names.
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