Would Joe Biden doze in your meetings?

May 17, 2011
Vice President Joe Biden isn’t the only one who has dozed during an important moment. Sen. John McCain nodded off during George W. Bush’s State of the Union address in 2007. And in recent weeks, several air traffic controllers have been busted for sleeping on the job. To avoid leading a meeting that would put someone to sleep, drop the PowerPoint.
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How to beat the other team

May 3, 2011
How do great leaders get organizations to achieve the extraordinary? For starters, they stay focused directly on their customers, not on the competition.
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Coach Brown wins old-school style

May 2, 2011
Larry Brown is one of the few guys who successfully coached both college and pro basketball: the Denver Nuggets, UCLA and the New York Knicks. For starters, he’s old-school: stubborn, passionate and tough on know-it-alls.
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Figuring out the rules of optics

April 25, 2011

As a leader, how you act—and how people react to how you act—matters. For proof, look no further than the public reaction to AIG executives whining about restrictions on their bonuses. In boss land, how you behave and how things look is more important than almost anything else. It’s called the rule of optics.

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How to tell your story & make an impact

April 22, 2011
Behind every great business endeavor is a great story. “If you really want to create fans of your business who will become apostles and advocates for you, you have to use a narrative,” says Hollywood producer, executive and entrepreneur Peter Guber.
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Spreading ideas across an organization

March 31, 2011

Few senior executives know how to enhance the productivity of knowledge workers. The reason? Knowledge workers rarely involve clear-cut tasks or measurable performance metrics. As a result, companies settle for scattershot investments in IT and training, without knowing whether they make people more effective.

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Wow your customers the Ritz-Carlton way

March 30, 2011
As customer satisfaction scores continue to decline, take a page from the Ritz-Carlton playbook to motivate your team and to improve the service you offer your customers.
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Holbrooke’s secret: People first

March 28, 2011
Getting abducted in wartime makes life more difficult for U.S. diplomats, so when journalist David ­Rohde was taken hostage by Taliban, he expected U.S. envoy Richard Holbrooke to be furious. Instead, Holbrooke expressed relief. “It is so good to hear your voice.”
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The 2-minute speech warm-up

March 25, 2011

The most important two minutes of your speech occur before you take the stage. Practicing nonverbal cues, or body language, will “optimally configure your brain to deal with a stressful situation,” says Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy.

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Moving beyond carrot-and-stick motivation

March 24, 2011
Encouraging autonomy doesn’t mean discouraging accountability. Rather than hovering, managers and HR should presume people want to be accountable and then provide the “scaffolding” to help new employees find their footing.
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