Meet the new boss: How to approach an existing team

September 9, 2017
Whether you’re managing a new team as a result of a promotion, job change or an organizational restructure, stepping in to lead a pre-existing team—and the established dynamics, group norms and expectations they tend to possess—demands a thoughtful management strategy. Here are some tips on how to manage a new staff.
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The 4 essential skills of a master manager

September 7, 2017
Studies of top managers have found it’s hard to be an effective team leader without having some mastery of these skill sets.
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Accommodating religion: What managers need to know

August 12, 2017

Say an applicant tells you she wouldn’t be able to work Friday nights due to her religion. Or an employee begins wearing a headscarf to the office. How would you respond? The increasing religious diversity in the workforce is causing more managers to make legal mistakes.

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How to confront mistake-prone employees

June 29, 2017
It’s never easy for managers to confront an employee whose performance is slipping or who has begun making more mistakes. Here are some key rules of engagement.
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Just do it … or just delegate it?

June 22, 2017
“If you want something done right, you’d better do it yourself.” Managers who successfully used this philosophy to work their way up the career ladder may find it counterintuitive to let go of the reins and start delegating tasks to subordinates.
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Quiz: How to track employee performance and behavior

March 23, 2017
Not only will good documentation help you provide more direct feedback to employees, your copious records could help save the organization in case of an employee’s lawsuit.
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The management lesson taught by greedy athletes

March 9, 2017

Team management wants to pay a football star a crazy number of millions of dollars per year, but his agent would like just a smidgen of an increase over that already astronomical amount, or the man with the golden arm walks. How many times have you shaken your head over the greed displayed in a situation like this? But if you were that football player, you’d likely make a similar demand.

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Torn between two applicants? Here’s how to pick a winner

February 23, 2017
Hiring is rarely easy, and it’s particularly difficult when you have narrowed the choice to two strong candidates. How do you make the decision between two apparently equal applicants?
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8 ways to say ‘No’ to employees without damaging morale

January 29, 2017
As a supervisor, you have many opportunities to affirm the ideas and actions of your employees. But sometimes, you need to say “no.” The challenge is to learn to say “no” without losing the goodwill and enthusiasm of your employees.
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A 7-step survival guide for first-time managers

December 22, 2016
Here is a seven-point guide to help rookie bosses quickly get control of the job, demonstrate competence and establish authority with a minimum of frustration.
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