It’s OK to have favorites … just don’t PLAY favorites

December 4, 2015

Studies show that managers often unknowingly give the benefit of the doubt to employees that they like, even employees who are average or subpar performers. In fact, a Harvard Business Review study found that most managers would rather work with “lovable fools” than “competent jerks.” To make sure you’re not unwittingly playing favorites, consider these issues.

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Start the day right by … eating a live frog?

November 3, 2015
Here are six amazingly simple productivity routines practiced by some of the world’s greatest business minds—that could just change the tone of the entire day.
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Analysis paralysis? 4 tips for making better decisions

October 26, 2015
Your ability to make sound business decisions swiftly—even when they involve ambiguity and risk—is a major factor in your ability to guide and manage a successful team. Here are some simple ways to help you make better decisions.
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What to do when an employee quits without notice

September 23, 2015
Though you can’t control the actions of the employee or force him to stay in a job, you can mitigate the aftermath with a few smart steps.
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Brainstorming for true creative gladiators

September 14, 2015
Amazing ideas don’t come easy, and the process of emboldening a staff to achieve brilliance shouldn’t be pretty. If you want to be known as a real brainstorming gladiator, you’ve got to take some chances and go above and beyond the ordinary. Ready to get serious about it?
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Back to school: 4 teacher tactics to use with your staff

August 28, 2015

Teachers are some of the first “managers” that people ever encounter. Teachers organize each day to get maximum results from their charges, and they must deal with a wide variety of skills levels, motivation levels and communication challenges along the way. Here are four ideas worth borrowing from teachers to bring to the workplace.

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How to keep new employees productive & engaged

July 22, 2015

When employees quit shortly after being hired, the departure is a gut punch to productivity and adds unnecessary costs. Plus, it can send unsettling shock waves to employees. Managers set the foundation for good employee relationships during the hiring process and in those first weeks on the job. Here are tips to keep newbies onboard, productive and engaged.

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Discipline and discharge: 5 do’s and don’ts

July 6, 2015
We live in an era when employees have more power than ever—which has made it more legally tricky to come down on them when you need to send a message.
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How to manage your staff through a crisis

July 1, 2015
Staff morale is a key factor in how engaged and accountable employees feel in their roles. But how do you keep spirits high when business waters are clearly troubled?
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How to avoid making legally binding promises when hiring

June 1, 2015
Employee lawsuits can erupt when promises made in interviews aren’t kept or job offer letters inadvertently oversell the potential for monetary rewards. Here are four key questions to ­consider.
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