3 main components of engagement

May 13, 2015
If you want to be the type of manager who engages employees, motivates them to go the extra mile and keeps them on board, focus on these areas.
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Does your workplace pass the freshness test?

May 13, 2015
In the day-to-day grind just to keep up, it’s easy to let the workplace grow stale, and that’s how good ideas get stifled and employees get burned out. Take this self-audit to find out if your organization is pushing hard enough to keep the experience of working there fresh and open to innovation, both on a professional and personal level. Note your answers and score yourself afterward.
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Documenting performance: 3 most common mistakes

December 22, 2014
In court, clear and specific documentation about an employee’s performance or behavior can mean the difference between a quick employer victory and an expensive defeat.
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Pregnant employee? Better know the law

October 24, 2014
When an employee tells you she’s pregnant, it may bring on mixed emotions for supervisors. While you’re happy for the employee, you’re anxious about the impact on scheduling, productivity—and whether she will quit after the birth.
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How to effectively manage workaholic employees

August 29, 2014
Suspect you’re managing a workaholic? Here are tips to help the employee find balance, and the organization cut costs and liability.
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Are your bad interview habits chasing talent?

July 11, 2014
While the widening pool of potential recruits is good news for managers, it underscores the importance of conducting an interview that attracts the best candidate.
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Self-test: How well do you keep employees on task?

May 23, 2014
Workplace surveys suggest that employees waste up to one full day of every workweek—up to nine weeks a year—with unproductive time. While some of the blame lies with inefficient or unmotivated employees, some can be chalked up to decisions made (or not made) by managers.
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10 things your employees are dying to hear you say

April 25, 2014

Only about a third of employees these days say they are “engaged” in their jobs. But in the midst of everyday chaos, it’s hard for managers to think about big-picture issues like employee morale and motivation. Here are 10 phrases or questions you can use with employees to build respect, gratitude and trust, according to a new book by Todd Patkin, Finding Happiness.

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Win by losing: 7 bad communication habits to shed

March 5, 2014
The quickest way for managers to improve their professional image is to improve their communication skills. And the simplest way to improve those skills is to stop doing things that repeatedly get you in trouble.
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National-origin discrimination: What you need to know

January 27, 2014
The rapidly increasing diversity of the U.S. workforce requires all managers to be aware of their legal responsibilities when dealing with applicants and employees from different races, ethnic groups and religions.
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