The power of a handwritten note

October 11, 2017

In the business world, sending messages through Twitter, texting, Facebook or email is certainly easier than writing a handwritten note. But what is often missing in those communications is authenticity and forethought.

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Has the office become too spacious?

October 11, 2017
As staff levels rise and fall, you may eventually find yourself in a workplace with more room than you’re realistically going to use. At that point, consider generating easy revenue by subleasing a chunk of that space to a smaller organization. Even the innate employee instinct to stretch out into open areas can slowly eat […]
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Nature’s way: Take it outside

July 12, 2017
A Human Spaces Global Report found that workplaces that incorporate natural elements, like greenery and sunlight, are 65% more productive and 15% more creative.
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How does your memory stack up?

April 18, 2017
Paying attention enhances our memory, but it’s not a simple feat. Fortunately, we can employ numerous tricks to make sure information sticks.
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A compendium of best practices for today’s administrative professional

April 5, 2017
In today’s business world, being proficient in a specific skillset is not always enough. To be successful in an administrative role, it is also necessary to demonstrate professionalism, a customer service mindset, a proactive approach, and a positive attitude.
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There’s nothing wrong with a planner book

January 17, 2017
If you still use a faux-leather, spiral-bound, at-a-glance weekly book with the year embossed on the cover—instead of a digital one that hides under an app on your smartphone—that’s OK.
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Getting rid of ROT

January 11, 2017
Learn to identify the information and documents that benefit your company.
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The how and why of a great expense policy

October 1, 2016
Crumpled receipts, overindulgent choices, ill-defined budgets … an expense policy needs to accommodate the realities of what happens when staff starts spending.
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Employees randomly recording ‘events’? Consider a policy

August 15, 2016
Everyone at work’s got a camera on them … is this cause for concern?
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Dealing with leadership ‘residue’ (what the former boss left you)

July 15, 2016

One thing almost every new manager has to deal with is “leadership residue.”

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