Office Technology

3 solutions to Outlook quandaries

January 7, 2019
Tracking actions … Email hoarding … Annoying pop-ups
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Use Quora to build your brand

January 1, 2019
As you focus on social media this year, don’t overlook Quora. The question-and-answer platform is a great way to build your brand and connect with customers.
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1-Minute Strategies: January ’19

December 6, 2018
Are those meetings really necessary? … Watch out for auto-linking … Try this headline analyzer … Attention Harry Potter fans! … The Mandela Effect
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Stay organized with ‘to do’ apps

December 3, 2018
Find a free ‘to do’ keeper: Here are three of the top ones to consider.
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5 new tips for social media savvy

November 29, 2018
Even if you are extremely happy with your social media efforts—there’s still room to grow. Use these tips to gain more followers and boost engagement.
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Solving 3 Excel quandaries

November 5, 2018
Text formatting in a cell … Can’t pivot a list … Whole line conditional formatting
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1-Minute Strategies: December ’18

November 1, 2018
When  “new” and “final” have no meaning … Test-drive your new favorite font … Birds in Gilbert, Minnesota might get FUIs … Cuba’s intelligence service might want to try some new techniques … Do you have “Snapchat dysmorphia”?
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Making magic with mail merge

October 1, 2018
You may have heard the term; you may even be somewhat familiar with what it does. But do you know why you might need one?
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Avoid Twitter backlash

October 1, 2018
Everyone from celebrities to public officials has faced some serious heat for comments they made on Twitter. Regularly police your own account to avoid any fallout. Follow this advice.
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Snapshot: Who is in charge of preparing workers for future tech?

September 18, 2018
Americans plan to be do-it-yourselfers as they prepare to gain the technical skills required for work in the future.
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