Keyboard Shortcuts: Outlook navigation

February 1, 2016
Need help navigating Outlook? Use these shortcuts.
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The email collaboration challenge

January 30, 2016
Is there a better way to make comments in reply email text other than different font colors?
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Keeping track changes on; protecting Word documents

January 11, 2016
When I send documents to people, they turn track changes off. What can I do to prevent this? Since Word can edit pdfs now, what can I do to prevent changes to my Word doc when I send it to someone?
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The art of live tweeting

January 1, 2016

During an event, whether it’s an industry event you’re attending or a conference you’re hosting, live tweeting can be a great way to engage your customers, employees and other contacts who can’t be there with you. Use these tips to make the most of your live tweeting experience.

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‘Vlog’ to expand your reach

December 1, 2015
YouTube is the third most-visited site and the second largest search engine on the Web. That’s why you should start “vlogging”—video blogging—to connect with customers. Follow these tips.
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How to go paperless

October 21, 2015
The concept of quitting paper and going all-digital has been around a long time, but companies have been slow to make the transition. But more appear to be taking the plunge, says tech blogger Paul Mah.
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Keyboard shortcuts in Outlook

October 14, 2015
Stuck in an email thread where everyone feels compelled to Reply All? Use Ignore Conversation to move that thread and all future messages right to Deleted Items by using Ctrl+Del. Send a quick reply to a message and avoid the accidental click on Reply All by hitting the handy Ctrl+R shortcut. You don’t even need […]
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Is PowerPoint still relevant?

October 7, 2015

Q. Everybody seems to be denigrating the use of PowerPoint presentations. Is PowerPoint still a relevant application?

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Know your DPI

August 28, 2015
“Why is this picture printing out so blurry?” In this day and age, how a photo comes out on the page and on the Web is all about its DPI (dots per inch) measurement. The rule of thumb to use is that anything above 72 DPI should look fine on a computer monitor, but it […]
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Empty your email inbox every day: 4 tips

August 26, 2015
Rajeev Goel, CEO of California software firm PubMatic, has trained himself to empty his email inbox by the end of every workday. Here’s how he does it.
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