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5 tips to memorize a speech

July 25, 2018
If you aren’t comfortable winging your next speech or presentation, follow these tips to memorize it—and ensure it still seems natural.
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3 Cs of a strong personal brand

March 26, 2018
Your personal brand is the qualities that make you … you. It’s your reputation and what sets you apart from others. To build a strong personal brand, focus on these three areas.
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Office politics? You bet. And you better play to win

February 16, 2018

Office politics doesn’t have to be manipulative or sleazy. In fact, it’s one of the most direct, smart and savvy ways to make your mark with those that count. Here are three rules to win the game of office politics.

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How does your memory stack up?

April 18, 2017
Paying attention enhances our memory, but it’s not a simple feat. Fortunately, we can employ numerous tricks to make sure information sticks.
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Common errors in writing

June 17, 2016
Correct the error in each sentence.
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Active shooters on site? Staff trained to confront, not cower

February 4, 2016
In response to the recent spike in high-profile mass shootings and ­suicide terrorist attacks, more em­­ploy­­ers are training their workers how to respond to a shooter in the ­workplace.
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Enhance dry presentations with stories

December 18, 2015
Sharing stories is a powerful way to keep your listeners engaged and to drive home your message. However, what if you are a really bad storyteller? Follow this advice.
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Business writing: Put in ‘zing,’ take out the boring

November 12, 2014
Business writing doesn’t necessarily mean boring. Before hitting “send” on your correspondence, review it and put some oomph in it. Use these editing tricks.
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2 rules to help you overcome the dread of public speaking

July 11, 2014

Getting stomach butterflies before giving a presentation or leading a training seminar is normal. But when the butterflies turn into sheer dread, it’s time to correct that. Here are two rules to keep in mind to help you become a fearless public speaker.

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Prove that you listen

March 17, 2014
Instead of muttering, “That’s interesting” or “You don’t say,” follow up more effectively.
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