Gain ‘instant intimacy’: 4 mingling tips

April 1, 2007

Keith Ferrazzi, CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight, is perhaps the best networker in the country; his personal contacts list includes head honchos in business and politics. His message: We all need to find the courage to connect with people, even when we feel out of our league.

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Negotiate anything: 3 ‘power’ moves

March 1, 2007

Your phone calls go unanswered. The meeting you want keeps being postponed. When the other side sees no advantage to negotiating or following up with you, the person may stall, says negotiation expert Deborah M. Kolb. Her solution? Power moves.

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Outlook Efficiency: Schedule a meeting for 20 with a click

January 1, 2007

You schedule a meeting, then hear of a last-minute schedule conflict. A round of rescheduling e-mails only leads to confusion. Locations change, people forget to show up … the list of common problems goes on. But if you’re a Microsoft Outlook (2002/2003) user, you can rely on Group Schedule to check schedules, fill out meeting requests and send group e-mails.

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Use the power of logic in spreadsheets

November 1, 2006
Say you’re trying to use an Excel spreadsheet to track weekly wages for office employees. It’s simple enough to create a formula (hours x hourly rate) that calculates wages for someone who works 40 hours or less. But what if someone works 45 hours one week?
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7 rules for PowerPoint simplicity

October 1, 2006

Using PowerPoint visuals that only Einstein could decipher doesn’t make the presenter look smarter. Complicated visuals will cause an audience to focus less on what the presenter is saying and more on trying to figure out the images. Here are seven rules for keeping visuals clear and powerful:

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Make your message a ‘must read’

August 1, 2006
Starting off a letter or an e-mail message with a drab opening (“This is in response to …” or “Enclosed please find”) is a sure-fire way to put your readers to sleep just in time to miss your most important points. Add variety—and persuasiveness—to your messages by starting sentences with words that grab readers. Here’s […]
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Dread those writing projects no more!

July 1, 2006

Even professional writers sometimes struggle with organizing their thoughts, and find themselves stuck for an opening line. When you’re in the same boat, use one of the techniques the pros use:

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Which of your talents need updating?

June 1, 2006
You’re admired for having the memory of an elephant and the innate ability to put people at ease. But are your skills the ones that employers consider top priority? Do they mesh with changing economic and work environments? If not, hone new talents that will set you apart from the crowd. Start by asking yourself […]
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Taking minutes is all about the action

March 1, 2006
The meeting’s over. Within moments, everyone is scurrying back to check voice- and e-mail messages, quickly forgetting about the action items they just took on. Your mission? To produce minutes that remind everyone what needs to happen next, and assure them that their meeting time was well spent. These five suggestions will help you write […]
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Streamline your back & forth editing

February 1, 2006
Any Word feature that can save time and make you look good is worth tapping into, right? One such feature: Word’s built-in reviewing tools, which let you and others track all the changes you make as a document is written and edited. With the Track Changes tool turned on, you can track each insertion, deletion […]
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