Recall names with Look, Snap, Connect

January 1, 2006
Never forget a person’s name again. Sound like a pipe dream? Not if you use Gary Small’s Look/Snap/ Connect technique. “The major reason we forget people’s names, sometimes only seconds after being introduced, is that we are not truly paying attention,” says Small, author of The Memory Bible: An Innovative Strategy for Keeping Your Brain […]
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Sharpen your editing skill set

December 1, 2005

You’ve finished a key document draft. Now, it’s time to edit for clarity, conciseness, accuracy, visual design and tone. Use this guide to refine and polish your draft.

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‘Instant’ productivity, sans shorthand

September 1, 2005

Instant messaging (IMing) can be a time-waster or a productivity boon. It all depends on how you use it.

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Have what it takes to sell your ideas?

June 1, 2005

Your title may not carry much authority, but you have all the tools you need to persuade others to do what you want.

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Update your style for citing sources

May 1, 2005

The basic information required for noting sources hasn’t changed since you wrote a high school term paper, but the wealth of information available in electronic formats continues to add new twists.

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Stress test: Are you victim or master?

April 1, 2005

Stress may be inevitable, and it can be a positive force. But your ability to keep from burning out is important not just for your productivity in the office but your physical health, as well.

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How well do you serve ‘customers’?

March 1, 2005

Even if your co-workers are your only customers, applying the principles of great customer service will allow you to sell your skills at a premium price.

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Cubicle etiquette: Don’t be a prairie dog

February 1, 2005

If you’ve noticed a lack of “cubicle etiquette” around the office lately, distribute the following “good neighbor” checklist to your co-workers. Example: Don’t be an office prairie dog. Instead of popping your head over the top of a partition, walk around it to see your neighbor.

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Choose the correct word every time

January 1, 2005
Close isn’t good enough when it comes to business communication. The person reading your correspondence or memo might understand your meaning if you use almost-correct words, but you’ll lose respect from those who know the difference. Test your knowledge of these commonly confused words by selecting the right one for each sentence: 1. Our manufacturing […]
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Book a better deal for travelers

December 1, 2004

You can make travel arrangements that are cheaper and better for your boss if you pay attention to a few details.

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