Quiz: Building presentations by the numbers

November 1, 2004

How well do you understand the general guidelines for preparing presentations? Take this quiz. And visit these web sites to find ways to improve your presentations:

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Pump up your purchasing prowess

October 1, 2004

To squeeze the greatest value from every penny you spend for your organization, look beyond just purchases to save money.

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Let’s make a deal: Negotiate to win

August 1, 2004

Even if you’re not in charge of purchasing, each day in the workplace tests your negotiating skills. Do you practice these tactics?

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Zoom in on document trouble spots

July 1, 2004

Proofreading a document for grammar and spelling mistakes won’t snag every error, and while program features such as automatically updated fields help, they aren’t completely foolproof.

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Is your to-do list in order?

June 1, 2004

A well-crafted task list allows you to focus your full attention on the most important matters without worrying that something will “fall through the cracks.”

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Choose the best communication tool

May 1, 2004

Just because e-mail is handy doesn’t make it efficient. Indeed, three out of four people delete an e-mail before they finish reading it, a recent survey found.

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Correspondence by the numbers

April 1, 2004
The wide availability of document templates makes it possible to create a range of business documents without thinking about the proper format. Test your knowledge of the current standards for correspondence with this quiz. 1. On the first page of a business letter, start typing ___. 2. On a standard-size letter, set the side margins […]
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5 points to know about your employer

March 1, 2004
You can own all the skills of a successful admin pro but, if you don’t understand how they fit within the organization, you’re just spinning your wheels. Here are five things you should know about your organization and how they will help you succeed: 1. Key players. Paying attention to the names and faces on […]
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Don’t set presentations in stone

February 1, 2004
Writing and memorizing a well-researched presentation guarantees … well-polished boredom. Build flexibility into your delivery to better connect with your audience. Use these four tactics for deviating from your script.
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Are you aiding an identity thief?

January 1, 2004
The Federal Trade Commission estimates more than 27 million Americans became victims of identity theft in the past five years. Check your practices against those below to decide whether you’re doing all you should to protect your colleagues, clients—and yourself—from identity theft at work. __ If I must ask clients for personal information, I do […]
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